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Wayne Babcock

Ivan (L) opens the service and leads prayer, testimony, etc.

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  • Steve Slim Miller 10.9.1635:24
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  • Wayne Babcock 09.11.1644:29
  • Wayne Babcock 2.19.1719:34

Sermon 01.01.17 Wayne Babcock 3 people, 1 God.

​Sermon 12.25.16 Wayne Babcock Scripture: Luke 2:1-7 Good tidings of great Joy.

​Sermon 12.18.16 Wayne Babcock Scripture: John 1:1-14 In the beginning was the "word."

Sermon 12.11.16 Wayne Babcock Scripture: Hebrew 11:1,32-34 Subduing Kingdoms

​Sermon 12.04.16 Wayne Babcock Scripture: Luke 22:41-52 Losing Jesus

Sermon 10.27.16 Wayne Babcock Scripture: 

Sermon 11.20.16 Wayne Babcock Scripture: 

Sermon 11.06.16 Wayne Babcock Scripture: John 19:31-37

Sermon 10.30.16 Wayne Babcock Scripture: Romans 12:1-2, Exodus

Sermon 10.23.16 Wayne Babcock Scripture: John 21:1-11

Sermon 10.16.16 Wayne Babcock Scripture:

Sermon 10.9.16 Steve "Slim" Miller.  Scriptures from the Book of St. John The seven miracles of Jesus

Sermon 10.02.16 Wayne Babcock. Communion Sunday. Opening Scriptures: Matt 24:27,36  Only God knows when Christ will return, preceded by an angle sounding a trumpet.  Now is the beginning of God's High Holy Days, including the Feast of Trumpets. We no longer celebrate these feasts due to the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ, which covered all of Man's sin.  We look upon these feasts as memorials.  Nevertheless, could Christ be returning at the Feast of Trumpets?

Sermon 9.25.16 Wayne Babcock. scriptures: Num. 21:5-9, John 3:1-16, 2 Kings 18, Dan. 9:3-6

Sermon 9.18.16 Wayne Babcock. Scriptures: Matt. 8:1-4, 2 Kings 5:1-15

Sermon 09.11.16 Wayne Babcock Scriptures: Genesis Chapter 3  Steps in the fall of Adam and Eve = attacks on God's Word.  We have gained more from Jesus than from the conditions Adam and Eve enjoyed before  the fall.  Also, concerning 9/11, Zeph 1:14-18.  

Sermon 09.04.16 Wayne Babcock. Communion Sunday.  Scriptures:  Matt 19:16-22  Christianity provides the solution to problems;  other religions do not.

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