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Sermon 03.13.16 Opening Scriptures Rom 8:1-7 Concerning the mystique of the Holy Ghost.  He is sent to be a comforter. He is doing a subtle change in you.  Must have the renewing of your mind.  He wants good for you, and will always bring you into good things.  No hocus-pocus. Eze 36:26  God promises a new fleshly heart.  Instead of being sand of the sea, you can be a star in the heavens. We are no working for God but with Him.  Trying to do it on your own will result in disaster.  Repent, turn back towards God and walk with Jesus. God promises love, peace, and a sound mind.  Seek the Holy Spirit with everything in you.  Seek the word of God and learn of Him.

Sermon 02.07.16 Beginning Scriptures Isaiah 58 The fascinating history of the the Church of the Isaiah 58 Project of Arizona as only Pastor Mike could tell it. Beginning in 1987 when the Lord first put upon his and Linda's hearts to feed people, over endless hurdles and countless miracles, this is a precious story of faithful servants who work with God to fulfill their callings.  Listen to it!  Also Communion from 1 Cor 11:23-26 serious introspection and self judgement.  God knew 2000 years ago that we would need the encouragement of cleansing monthly from the cares of this world.

 Guest Evangislist Betty Jo Sermon 03.06.16 (Communion Pastor Mike) Opening Scriptures John 3:11-16  Faith comes by hearing the word.  Just because you don't feel it doesn't mean it isn't there.  Just say you believe.  Have to learn to trust God.  Be persistent.  Heb 4:12 The word of God is alive.  Jesus said "It is finished."  Now we have the word to help us continue.  We cannot lean on our own understanding.  Palms 125 God is around his people like the mountains are around Jerusalem.   Make up your mind to trust the Lord no matter what.  He wants to be ruler of our lives.  Yield to Him. Communion with Pastor Mike 1Cor 11:23-26  Jesus didn't leave many rituals or sacraments for us.  The purpose of communion is to give us an opportunity to solve little things that build up over the month  Judge ourselves, so we won't be judged by God.

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Sermon 02.21.16 Guest Evangelist Joe Ferguson of "Last Call Tent Ministries."  This sermon is pure, concentrated Holy Spirit.  This writer became so engrossed that note-taking became a distraction.  Scriptures referred to included Tim 2:25-26 and Sam 15 beginning with verse 3.  Basically, wake up, stand up, and speak up while you still can.We are not called to be friends but to preach the Gospel of Peace to the world. We were born for such a time as this.

Pastor Mike Hobby

Sermon 1.31.16 Opening Scriptures Eph 2:1-10 The works that we do are preordained by God.  We are drawing closer and closer to the end of an age.  We must seek God more diligently.  Pursue the calling on your life.  Phil. 3:10 There is a lot you won’t understand.  Just follow God, whose thoughts are not like your thoughts.  Because of God’s grace, if we fall, His mercy will bring us back through the power of the resurrection.  Go is our High Tower, our refuge.  There is no way we could ever repay him.

Palm Sunday Sermon 03.20.16 Opening Scriptures Zach 9:9 Prophecy of Jesus' first coming to Jerusalem 700 years before event. Prophecy also in Matt 21.  The person who owned the required animals had a heart prepared by God to release an ass and a colt to strangers.  During Palm Sunday, Jesus was proclaim God by disciples. Matt 21:11 tells that the people thought of Jesus as a prophet, not God. Our kitchen closes a week from next Thursday.  Many will be returning to your own churches; be bold with your witnessing.  Thousands of prophecies are in the bible concerning the 2nd coming of Christ.  Every day they are being fulfilled.  Jesus tells us not to let our hearts be troubled when we see these things.  He tells us in advance, so we will not be fearful.  We have a soon-coming king.

Sermon 01.24.16 Beginning Scriptures Heb 6:16-20 The Old Testament (O.T.) is the New Testament (N.T.) hidden, and the N.T. is the O.T. revealed.  Each contains shadows and types.  Each contains promises.  As you get closer to the veil, your anchor chain gets shorter, so you don't drift as much.  Two immutable things:  God cannot lie, and we who have fled for refuge can lay hold upon the hope set before us. Num 35 In the O.T. this "type" is illustrated by cities of refuge.  If you accidentally killed someone, the family could demand blood revenge.  Six cities were designated where you could live safely until the high priest of that city died.  Then you could live free. The refuge city was a type of Christ, just as Christ is our refuge.  Step  out of Christ, and you are no longer safe.  Your are open to sin.  Repent and you can go back to Jesus as Jesus will never die.  Trust God.  Find the peace that we are promised. 

Sermon 02.28.16 Opening Scriptures Rom 6:1-5  One person was due for baptism over in the Colorado River today. Listen to this sermon.  Learn about how the word "baptism" is not in the Old Testament and why.  Learn why it is so important for a reborn Christian to be baptized. Find our why Jesus had to be baptized by John the Baptist. Matt 3:15 Discover the beginning of Jesus'  Ministry.  Not just a ceremony: first act of obedience.  Just as with the faith of a mustard seed, Jesus can work with the smallest act of obedience.  Be obedient and God will bless you. By the end of this sermon, several people raised their hands and showed up at the river to be baptized.  During the ceremonies, a man left the party next to us, and joined those being baptized--a total stranger--making the day's total six.  See photos on BAPTISM page.

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Sermon 02.14.16 Beginning Scriptures Gal 5:16-26. Verse 22  I didn't know what love was until God entered my heart. Love is Jesus spreading his arms on that cross.  God's love surpasses our understanding and shows us grace when we fall.  Two things that I have learned about God's love are 1) you cannot increase or decrease it; 2) you don't understand the depth of it.  Gal 5:19 As long as you are living in the flesh, you will not receive from God. 1Cor 13:1-13  "Charity" means commanded love.  Look past the flesh into the Spirit to find love and to overcome the world.

Sermon 01.17.16 Opening Scriptures 1John 5:18-21  During the process of sin, you are first enticed by one of three things:  the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh, or the pride of life.  The Holy Spirit gives you the ability to control yourself from temptation.  The Lord says that we are precious in His sight.  Get this into your soul; align your spirit with God.  There is only one truth.  Jesus Christ is truth.  If born again, you are one of God’s called out ones.  God promises love, peace, and a sound mind as you get to know Him.  Time is growing short.  Keep your focus on God.  Where do you stand?  Do you know he died for all of your sins, agonizing for 9 hours on that cross? Learning God’s promises will give you more confidence.  Little by little you learn to walk after Christ.  Time is short.  Seek Him with everything within you.