From Shirley
For me, the area that is the most fun here is the kitchen!  During the winter months, we cook an evening meal seven days a week.  Last season we served close to 15,000 meals.  We have volunteers who come from all over this country, and others, to serve, cook, and do dishes.  It is an amazing thing to watch and to be a part in God’s Kitchen.  It starts getting lively around one o’clock in the afternoon.  Meat gets chopped or sliced and cooked; rice or pasta or potatoes cooked; salad tossed; bread buttered; desserts baked—all ready to be served at 4:30 p.m.

The people line up with smiles on their faces to receive their trays from the happy servers.  It is truly amazing to see it all come together!  This year we had three young girls volunteer as servers, so the assistant kitchen manager, Wayne, got out stools for them to stand on.  They even tried their hands at being on the ‘Glorious Dish Washing Team.”

My husband, Ivan, and I also run the Isaiah 58 Project Food Bank, which is a work in progress! (See "FOOD BANK" page under “MORE ABOUT US” button above.)  We are learning as we go.  We help people who mostly live in the desert during the winter and some who are traveling through.  Many have no facilities to cook.  Donations come in all the time, but more so at the end of the season when the food vendors are leaving.  There is always something going on at Isaiah 58.  We serve an amazing God who loves his people!

Young volunteers with parents

Shirley,(l) George,(m) and Lori (r) serve in the kitchen

Evangelists Joe Ferguson and Betty Jo, of Last Call Tent Ministries, Fallon, NV 

My Isaiah 58 Experience    

The “kitchen meal serving” season slips by so quickly.  Here it is May 2016, and we are missing our winter friends.  What a wonderful season it was!  So many new people come and go from here each winter and “old” ones come back for a visit also. We are missing them now that we have time to reflect.  Both “new and old” friends skip out on us, headed for the places of heart and home.
     Good, sweet people cross our paths daily.  I am reminded today that when Steve and I first joined the Isaiah 58 Project as friends and volunteers in the 2012-2013 season, that first year we met three wonderful men through the nightly dinner gatherings.  A friendship continues every year with Al, Virgil, and Mike 7.  Al has gone back home to Canada for the summer, Virgil is staying on for a few weeks, and Mike 7 is now on staff here at the church.   There are many more also.  God blesses us with wonderful people.
     Today I am thinking about a nice little gal with 2 of the cutest little boys.  What a good mother she is, and the boys are full of life, and it is fun to watch them use their charm to try and get what they want from her.  I am wondering if they are still in town or have taken off for new adventures.   Having these little ones around is so cool, especially, since the average around Quartzsite is probably 65 (that is my guess anyway).
     Pastor Mike and Pastor Linda are following God’s lead and expanding the teaching aspect of our walk with God.  There are not many days that there is not a teaching and fellowship going on here at the church. We learn here at Isaiah 58 that it is our personal relationship with God that is important for our life.  “Gird up your loins” people!  Seek Him with all you’ve got. 
Please stop in and visit.  
Open your eyes and your heart;  don’t waste the next moment.  Say “yes” to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ Then “moments” will mean something.

    Love, Sheryl Miller, Office Manager

Isaiah 58 "Movie House"

Wayne, Assistant Kitchen Manager

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Sheryl and husband,  'Slim" Steve

Movies at Isaiah
As the winter daily meals come to a close, so does the daily showing of movies. Most of the individuals eating at Isaiah 58 are not seeking God and will not come into the Church; nevertheless, God is seeking them. We prayed for movies to show that contained the Gospel message—some about the end times, some about God’s creation, some biographies about

His servants; some narratives

from the Bible. 

People were invited to get their tray of food then bring it across the yard to the “tri-bay” where the movies were being shown in a semi-enclosed area with couches and chairs.  While some individuals were not interested, there were always a few who paid attention to the screen (and couldn’t argue with the actors).  Our continual prayer was that God would use the message in the movies as well as the conversations of others who sat with our guests as they ate the free home cooking and the smiles and friendly serving staff.  It was quite a successful team effort, and we trust God with the results.

            More volunteers from the kitchen