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Lisa, volunteer kitchen winter, office summer

I had been traveling around for months with a group called the “Rainbow Children” or “The Travelers.” I had become fed-up with my preacher dad.  I couldn’t take the hypocrisy at home after years of listening to my parents saying one thing, then doing another and expecting me to be perfect.  That makes it sound so simple, but I thought I had found a group of kids who were like me:  free spirits. But I was starting to miss my family, hot food, a shower.  And then I found The Isaiah 58 Project.

From the Isaiah Project 58 parking lot to . . . .

Trish and Steve at Thanksgiving Dinner

Church member Melinda and others dine.

Richard, Volunteer

You’ve seen me, hitching along the side of a desert road, everything I own rolled into a pack on my back.  My next stop, the same old song and dance — after which I’ll be asked to move on along my way—if I’m that lucky.  But The Isaiah Project was different!

More fun from the kitchen  (above)

Visit Wayne and Tina at their new Model A"Snack Shack"

2nd and forth Saturday at the VFW

Silhouette of Hope at Isaiah Project 58

Alec and Debbie, volunteers

The dinner line begins to form

Pastor Mike gives out cookies at Christmas

My wallet was stolen. I lost my I.D. my Social Security Card. Couldn’t even apply for a job in my condition:  hungry, dirty, and broke.  Then Isaiah 58 Project.

Frank, volunteer now with the Lord

Jessika(l) and Carol(r)

Al and Jessie, music

Visiting ex-member  of Isaiah 58 Lucy Ferguson graces 'Praise and

Worship' services with an Hula

Church member Zelda(r) and friend

All I know is that I hadn’t seen the sunshine in three months, thanks to rain then fog then rain then fog then rain. The thought ‘Quartzsite’ occurred to me.  I packed the car to the ceiling and headed for sunshine. I found so much more than that. I’ve been volunteering at The Isaiah 58 Project for five years now.

Through an all too common process, including losing our jobs, my wife and I became homeless, living in our car. We stayed in the nearby BLM, camping in the desert.  Then we found The Isaiah 58 Project.

Bernice, volunteer (r) and, well, um

Sherrill, Volunteer