Our Story

The Isaiah 58 Project of Arizona has been providing non-medical emergency care since October of 2002 in Quartzsite Arizona.

The project has served literally tens of thousands of meals since opening. This year with the co-operation of the town, we got the feeding program back on line. We were able to feed out about twelve thousand meals from November 14, 07 thru March 31, 2008. We were also able to handout hundreds of food boxes and provide showers and clean clothes so people can look job worthy. We help with getting I.D.'s for people who have lost theirs. We also provide communications for ones in need. In other words we try to help!

Isaiah 58 Project also networks with other ministries in different counties, California, and Mexico. When god gives us abundance of supplies, we distribute it through this network.

The volunteers of Isaiah 58 Project have dedicated themselves to being available for just such emergencies. The work is overwhelming, exhausting, invigorating, and rewarding. More crucial emergency supplies and willing, compassionate volunteers are needed.

Pray that for us that God will continue to bless this Ministry so we can help families and people in need with a hand up this coming year and years to come!

Why Quartzsite?

This is the question that is asked by almost every one that comes through Quartzsite, it’s even a question asked by people that live here. To answer this question is difficult if we only use our worldly eyes. It’s to hot in the summer, it’s to windy and dusty, you have to be diligent to keep drinking water or you will be overwhelmed by the heat. Why do we stay? For this answer we have to look at this town with spiritual eyes! God has a calling on his people, He has called us out to this desert for a reason.

There is a unique thing that happens here every winter, the population goes up into the millions every January. This gathering of what is known as the Snowbirds, gives the churches a rare opportunity not seen in very many places in this country. For a few months we have people from all over the country here looking for something to do. This is why God gave us a vision to feed the people. We found that it was so much more then a feeding program, it is a training center for our volunteers. Christians come to help, sometimes with fear and apprehension, but that soon leaves and the love of God changes their hearts and they view people with compassion and a love springs up in them. The interesting thing is they really get blessed by God and start to see that if you love people and serve the least of them God will open there hearts and ministry happens. Once this happens the volunteers go back to there part of the country (including Canada) and take a new joy of service home. This will change their churches at home because they ask “ why can’t we do this here.”

This is such a glorious time, watching our people come alive in Christ and the boldness comes when they step out in faith, sometimes for the first time in their long walk with the Lord, but then April comes. The snowbirds leave but the needs don’t. In the summer people that stay in this area, have needs also. The summertime population is so low, and the needs so great that resources get totally depleted. Then add the freeway needs (breakdowns and hitchhikers that don’t know the area) in times past they would be ran off to die in some cases. God has made clear to us that this is why we are here. God teaches us that He judges towns on how they treat the travelers! ( Gen. 19)

God has shown me that He wants to bless his people, by working through them and giving them opportunity to give, so they can be blessed. After much prayer He told me to make the ministry’s needs known to his people. I’m finding a fear that I’m having to work through, “fund raising.”

So here it is, we need partners to help us do what God called us to do. We pray that God well give you a glimpse of the vision that he gave us, and that you will join our team with prayer and monthly financial partnerships.

I pray that God will keep us on your hearts and that He would allow us to get together, both physically and spiritually. I would love to show you in person what God is doing in Quartzsite Arizona.


God bless you and keep you in all things.

Your servants in Christ;

Rev. Mike and Linda Hobby